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Unlink Account From LastPass Business

I have had LP Free for several years. At work I started a 14-day trial for LP Business using a different email address. I tried linking my personal account but it errored out stating I cannot link to another business account. I confirmed that the linking did not work but now when I go to my personal account, it says "business admin" below my email address. However, when I go to the admin console, it only prompts me to purchase a business license.

So I need support. When I attempt to contact support, it states I need to upgrade to premium in order to contact support and the only option for me is to search the support page or visit this community.

If it is somehow linked to my new LP Teams account, there is no way for me to unlink it as it doesn't appear as linked. Help please.

I would like to upgrade my free plan to premium, now there is 25% discount this week.
GoTo Moderator

Re: Unlink Account From LastPass Business

@Rmat  Usually billing cases can be created through this link, regardless of the current account status.  Click my community name to send a private message if you can't contact support by email that way. 



Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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