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New Contributor

VERY slow Login Attempt Blocked emails

I made a valid login attempt at 11:40AM EST that was blocked and I had to wait 17 minutes for the email to unblock the attempt. That's unacceptably slow. You can't lock me out of crucial applications for 17 minutes waiting for the email. I tried again after 5 minutes and I just received this second email 20 minutes later! This isn't the first time it has taken so long. I assume I am not the only one experiencing this?

GoTo Manager

Re: VERY slow Login Attempt Blocked emails

Hello @lyonsmat ,
My name is Henry and I am happy to assist with your inquiry, and appreciate you contacting LastPass Support!
I am sorry about the issues you are having with your account. When you receive the email with the subject: "LastPass Security Notification: Login attempt blocked". You can find in the contents of the email a link to "Verify new device or location", after you click on it you will then be able to log in again. There is no need to wait as your IP address will not be whitelisted until you click on the link.
Please let me know if this worked or if further assistance is required. 
Thank you,
Henry | Customer Care
Henry is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.
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New Contributor

Re: VERY slow Login Attempt Blocked emails

hi Henry


I know how it works thanks. The problem is the emails you send take 20 minutes to from the time I make the first attempt to the time I receive the email.