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New Contributor

Vaults not Synchronizing

I had signed up for the Family Account over 1 week ago and added my wife. She accepted the invitation through e-mail and the vaults, mine and hers are still NOT synchronized. There are MANY items missing from the vault she sees. I cannot find anything about this anywhere. Is there a way to manually synchronize the vaults? I have changed things in my vault and those changes appear on all my devices, but NOT in the vault my wife sees.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

Active Contributor

Re: Vaults not Synchronizing

This is an epic fail of LastPass.  I am seeking an alternative manager for exactly this reason.  I have multiple chrome identities (work and personal) on my Macbook and LastPass does not sync  between them, let along keep my Windows PC or iPhone updated. This USED TO BE a great product, imho, but no longer.