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Using Firefox, I've been having all the same problems everyone else notes here.

I read advice to uninstall and reinstall.

When I did, I received this version.

Built: Wed Oct 11 2017 17:54:17 GMT-0400 (EDT)
Binary Component: true (ctypes version 4.1.2, built Mar 2 2016 16:10:06)

And I still have the same problems as before.

Anyone else have this version?

Thanks in advance
Respected Contributor

Re: Version:

You created a new topic, and reference "problems everyone else notes here." Could you please be more specific.
New Contributor

Re: Version:

1) I must login much more than I used to.
2) When I go to login, it does not remember my user email, even though I check the box every single time.
3) When I click on your icon, click "show matching sites", then edit, a large empty box appears.
4) I get the "All set" check box when I add a password, but half the time it is not saved.
5) When I try to use a "form fill", I get the the dreaded large empty box pop up.

Is that specific enough?

Don't these problems sound familiar to you yet?

Can you answer the question I asked about this new version that installed today?

Can you give me one good reason to extend my subscription, at twice the price, when your service has gone to hell?

Is that specific enough?