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What LastPass products natively support Apple M1 (Apple Silicon)?



What LastPass products natively support Apple M1 (Apple Silicon)? Earlier in 2021 LastPass said they were shifting their support towards a web app that supports M1, but as of right now the download page does not designate if anything is a Universal App. On top of this, the fact that the old Mac App Store app still exists adds to the confusion.


Is M1 natively supported, and if so, what products?

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No plans to support what will be Apple's ONLY architecture going forward? Not the response I was expecting when I searched for a resolution to this issue. I would ask you to re-consider, though I will be experimenting with 1Password or other offerings. Thanks.

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LogMeIn, please step up your game here. If large complex apps from the likes of Adobe and Autodesk were able to be ported to Apple Silicon already, then your comparatively tiny browser extension “app” can be ported as well, and probably with a trivial level of effort. As noted above, using Rosetta increases battery drain, and LastPass (and therefore Rosetta) has to be open whenever Safari is open, so the fact that LastPass already “works” isn’t good enough here. This is literally the only non-native app I still need to use. That will change soon. The only question is whether it’s because you ported to Apple Silicon or I dumped you for not doing so.
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Seriously, ask one of your devs to just casually start looking into this. They’ll probably get back to you saying that they finished the entire port over their lunch break. Has anyone even TRIED compiling LastPass for Apple Silicon yet? Do you even know that there is in fact some issue that would require a meaningful quantity of time and effort to address before that’s possible?
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Wow! No plans? Really? Well then that makes it easy for me. I was on the fence about subbing when you made the  shift to subscription...  Been a lastpass user and bought it many many many years ago... I can see now I should have just jumped ship.  Like others have said.. this is a relatively trivial app to convert comparatively. The fact that you haven't already, and have "no plans" to at this point... yea that shows how little you actually give a **bleep**. So, I'm out. Off to find a service that does care enough about supporting it's products and user base.


And don't even try to use rosetta as an excuse... seriously. Fkn lazy and don't care, all it is. It was a good run LastPass, thank you for your service, but your time to be replaced has come!

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As a business user, I am calling LastPass to reconsider not supporting Apple Silicon natively. Apple Silicon (M1) laptops are gaining a considerable percentage in business among creators and developers. 


The currently available application doesn't offer a native extension for Safari and uses rosetta consuming laptop resources in a non-optimal way. 


Most of the significant competitors offer native support for Apple Silicon. I need a definite answer from LastPass with a roadmap for supporting apple silicon natively. In case that the answer is negative, I am calling all business users to reconsider their position on the contract renewals. 

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Just got a new M1 Mac. I'm a long term LastPass user but won't use any app that requires Rosetta 2, so no LastPass app.  Fortunately in my case there is a workaround - the Google Chrome browser LastPass extension works and synced immediately with my account. Not the best solution but I'll gradually switch to Keychain in any case.

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I got a new M1.  My password works on all other devices and Mac computers.  It does not work on an my new M1. Furthermore, your phone support does not have a listing for Japan and I see no email support.  

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Any chance that the just-announced plans to give LastPass its independence from LogMeIn (link) will affect plans around a native Apple Silicon version?

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Been using LastPass for years, since M1 and now M1 Pro/Max all my Macs are now Apple Silicon including the M1 iPad Pro and of course iPhone. The 2 apps that still running on Rosetta for my workloads are Citrix Receiver and LastPass.


While the app on iPad and iPhone the only option for years is already ARM base, what is the hurdle for even just bring up a plan to transition your code to support Apple Silicon, say, 5 years from now? Even it sounds like a bit ridiculous.

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Too bad.  I have been using LastPass for 8 or 9 years.  


Since LastPass has decided not to provide a realistic solution support Mac in an adequate way, do you have a suggestion for a different app to use in its place?  A password manager that provides 'family' functionality so that some passwords can be shared but others are not?


If you are not going to support your current users on your own platform you could perhaps suggest good alternatives for people to switch to, no?