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What LastPass products natively support Apple M1 (Apple Silicon)?



What LastPass products natively support Apple M1 (Apple Silicon)? Earlier in 2021 LastPass said they were shifting their support towards a web app that supports M1, but as of right now the download page does not designate if anything is a Universal App. On top of this, the fact that the old Mac App Store app still exists adds to the confusion.


Is M1 natively supported, and if so, what products?

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"No plans"


wow....   Apple has clearly said Rosetta is a temporary solution.


I literally just deleted LastPass everywhere and imported into 1Password.  Everyone do it - it was SO easy, they natively support M1 chips and so far... WAY less buggy!!!

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Any status update in 2022? 

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They really just don't give a **bleep** about the performance of their apps in general, so this concept that compiling for Apple Silicon would improve performance (which it most certainly would) matters not to them.


For over two years now their Mac app has had a bug that causes CPU usage to remain at 100% for approximately 3-5 minutes after every single quick search > copy password action. Not once have they even bothered to *try* fixing it.


They simply do not care about performance and/or battery life in the least.


If you can, I strongly recommend switching to another password manager, at least until their developer team begins fixing longstanding bugs and investing time in performance issues. I just renewed my enterprise licenses, and am very much regretting that I did not have the time beforehand to make the switch.

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Migration to 1password took around 15 minutes.

And everything is M1 compatible.


Goodbye Lastpass.

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A year and a half later and still no Apple Silicon version.  As a premium user this is leading me to not renew and will change to an alternate solution.

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Hi There,

Hope you're doing well.

It's now April 2022, and Apple just has the MacPro in its lineup to change to Apple Silicone.

For those of us using LastPass it remains the only Intel App - given that I presume LastPass/LogMeIn is going to continue supporting the MacOS platform, and Apple's near completion of its processor transition - when can we expect a Apple Silicone Native version of LastPass?

Thank you,


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How about now? Any time to recompile for M1 in the last 6 months?

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Support rep Iris said it's not that they don't have the time, it's that they don't have the will to do it. Nobody there cares about Mac support in any way.


Console logging indicates that a bug in quick search that I've experienced for the last 3 years may well be resolved by compiling for M1, which is why I asked about it, and that was the response I got.

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LastPass don’t care.

They care if you don’t pay, or if corporates leave, or if Apple revoke Intel apps from working.

Right now they keep milking their cash cow.

Bitwarden looks good.
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While I was initially very disappointed - I am now willing to wait for the folks at Lastpass to do it right.
A great podcast (Marco Arment, apple programmer, maker of Overcast podcast app) on the recent episode discussed how another competitor app (which famously is M1/AS native) is very buggy and causing issue lots of issues - I do have to say, despite running on the Intel emulator on the Current MacOS - it is running well - so that is important to consider. So perhaps we are ok for now - but Dear LastPass - we still want a safe + reliable Apple Silicone version of the App in the near future please.