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What LastPass products natively support Apple M1 (Apple Silicon)?



What LastPass products natively support Apple M1 (Apple Silicon)? Earlier in 2021 LastPass said they were shifting their support towards a web app that supports M1, but as of right now the download page does not designate if anything is a Universal App. On top of this, the fact that the old Mac App Store app still exists adds to the confusion.


Is M1 natively supported, and if so, what products?

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Thank you for posting this. It's been over a year with Apple arm64 chips on the market, but retrofitting the Native platform App through rosetta is a non starter for some folks. Can you please post an update for the Mac OS LastPass App and Extension support Apple M1. an ETA even if a vague (by mid 2022 or late 2023) product roadmap plan would be a kindness for stakeholders beyond the no plans to re-compile statement from last year.

I understand there's some deep intricacy in compiling for M1 and Security chips and Touch ID support, etc. etc. etc. But It would be great to hear you are actually working on it, even if there's no set "release date" yet. 

Kind Thanks!

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I don't understand why in mid 2022 there is no native ARM64 LastPass version.

I use LatPass since 2-3 years, and I am happy with it, but if this company is ignoring its premium users in such a way... (especially when there are not only a few ), then maybe the the company is not what it was some years ago and its time to switch to something like 1Password.

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Seriously do not even think about it -  switch to 1Password. I got fed up waiting and the lack of care in creating a product for modern macs.  I downloaded 1Password - and imported my passwords, and was running on 1password in MINUTES.  And its fast, native, and they actually care about Mac experience.


Do not hesitate and switch - you will not regret it.

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Is there any update about native Apple Silicon Support?

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The update is: it's not supported and probably never will be. Current version that still has not been compiled for Apple Silicon: 4.101.1 (1277)

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And even worse than that, at least for me, the app has been buggy as **bleep** for quite some time. Mostly it just refuses to auto fill or when attempting to open the quick vault it just shows an empty white box. I’ve never thought about switching more.
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Same here. Attempting to use it with Safari frequently results in the list of passwords coming up empty until I refresh the page.

Using QuickSearch a few times in a row results in the app eating up 100% CPU for a good 30-60 seconds, which isn't great for battery life, though at least Apple Silicon throws that on the efficiency cores (Thanks Apple for automatically working around a problem that LastPass won't fix).

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Looks like I will also be switching to 1password.

I expect some delays and hiccups for a new platform but this is way too long plus it's not like apple silicon is an unknown factor that just came out of the blue.

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By the time my family plan is up in February, Apple Silicon will have been out for nearly 2.5 years.


This is the last software on my machine that needs to run all the time that isn't Apple Silicon enabled.  


This needs to be completed, by the time my plan is up for renewal, or I will have to move my family plan to 1password.  The lack of care for the platform I am on is astounding.

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Yep, same here. Used to be a big fan of LogMeIn back when it was truly free. They then got themselves fired. Loved LastPass, and when LogMeIn bought them, I thought, "uh-oh! Here we go again-these people going to ruin another good thing". First issue for Lastpass free was the one device restriction. At first it wasn't too big of a hassle. Finally they made it painful enough and the Families option seemed like a fair value to actually pay for.

But now bugs and compatibility in Windows 10 Firefox with auto fill often not working, JSON errors trying to share passwords with my wifes account, and looking to upgrade laptop to a Macbook with a M2 CPU and looking at the lack of support....I think the days of Lastpass earning another nickel off me are quickly coming to an end. Not worth the $$$ when the development commitment isn't there. Management/Programming isn't hungry enough to earn the money they ask for in the product pricing. Lead people, or get out of the way, you are killing the companies that brought great ideas into implementation and actual fielded workable software, and via mismanagement are working on ruining your business. <sarcastic slow clap>