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What's Wrong With LastPass?

I noticed there have been several changes to LastPass over the last few days. For me, some of the changes are a disaster.

I was trying to fill out a long form and had a terrible time. I had to start over 3 times, because the red LastPass square popped up on every single field and it was impossible to fill in the numbers. I ended up disabling LastPass and that worked. 

Trying to get support is a joke. You can't get it! Sign in here. Sign in there. Go here. Go there. Sign in again. go to community. Sign in again. Really????

LastPass Contributor

Re: What's Wrong With LastPass?

Hi @Jack200 - thank you for the feedback and sorry for any frustration. I'll share your feedback with our development and support team. 


For the form, it may be helpful to disable the new save & fill experience. Please review these steps: