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Why is Lastpass suddenly wanting to fill random numeric fields?

I was perfectly happy with the Lastpass Chrome Extension, but it seems to have been upgraded to be more imposing on more fields.

For instance, when using my accounts system to create a new invoice, Lastpass icon appears over the quantity field, taking up 50% of the space.

Then when I tab to the price, the LP icon appears there. No actions are available on the menu that appears, only a link to a feedback form (which probably only gets read by marketeers.

Is there any way to curb LastPass' enthusiasm? I want help with logins .... NOTHING ELSE

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LastPass Contributor

If you are part of an enterprise or teams account, your admin should be able to configure the Disable Form Fillable Items policy which turns off all form fill features for certain data types. So you would be able to limit LastPass to just filling logins.