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New Contributor

Will not keep gmail straight


I've read the article on multiple Gmail acct but... I've made sure to log out of each acc t, on the Gmail login screen I have deleted all acct so that you have to type in what acct you want to use.

I have 3 Gmail accounts.. I have logged into each separately..- made a new password. Saved it to Lasspass with a unique name.

I log out of Gmail completely... Call up Gmail login

Enter one of the accounts and right away it says the incorrect password. (it will say password changed "x" ago)

I open up LastPass, copy out the password ( i just saved all this stuff not 5 minutes ago)

Paste the password in for the account... again not accepted

I've been struggling with this for months..finally so sick of this if I can't get a reliable solution..going for another system