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Windows Clipboard History

So I was reading updates for Windows and noticed that in Build 17666 (RS5) they launched the ability to turn on Clipboard History. I would like to know how does LastPass handle the clipboard and especially with there now being a clipboard history. This could be bad for people that have to copy the password but want that feature on for other uses.

Thanks in advance.
Damon Betlow
New Contributor

I just tested and it does NOT delete the password from the Clipboard History.  It just copies a 'space' into the Clipboard History after X seconds.  So you'll see all your copied passwords in the history and if you sync with other computers, they'll show up there as well...

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Thanks for your feedback. Our team is aware of this security issue with the clipboard history on Windows 10, and is working to not allow copied passwords to be saved in the Windows clipboard history. I will update this thread once we have more news to share or an update.

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Any news on this topic? Today, in 2022, LastPass for Windows desktop 4.8 still copies passwords to the clipboard history.

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Hello, do we have any update on when this issue will be resolved? Testing today (Nov 23, 2022), we're still seeing passwords residing and not cleared from the Windows clipboard history. Thanks!