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Would-be premium user locked out of LP on new iPhone Pro 13, Recovery SMSs don’t get sent

I used the free LP mobile with no problems and was going to upgrade. After switching to a new phone (iPhone XS to iPhone 13 pro), I’m locked out.
(1)When I log in, it wants me to verify with LP authenticator.
(2) When I open LP Authenticator, it asks me to log into LP, which just brings me back to (1)


When I click “use an alternate multi factor,” the only option given is “send SMS code.” When I click that, no SMS comes in. 

Logging into the web portal gives me the same problem. 

I do still have access to LP on my iPad, but I can’t update the OS for fear of losing access to LP altogether.   I also have the seed codes. 

As a basic user, I have no access to support and can’t change settings (such as upgrading  to premium) without being able to log into the app. Is there anything I can do other than switch to 1Password and switch my information over manually?

Thanks in advance!