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Your account status page - not using colour as a signal

All the buttons on the right hand side are the same lastpass red - its might look nice and corporate but red is also a signalling colour
Could you try switching the colour of each tab in each section so for example in:
Family status
Transfer family is white letters on blue
Delete family is white letters on red
Purchase is white letters on Green
Open family console is yellow

Finding information in other sections by colour coding would also be useful
referral program: earn more in white letters on blue
email notifications: change setting in white letters on green
gift codes: view gift codes in white letter on yellow
Existing User: Delete account in white letters on red
Payment history: view receipt in white letters on black

As currently stands the screen doesn't give any signal as to where to look, so it took me time to find the family console - once I had found it then what to do was obvious
I know website design is a horribly complex, and full of implied values - but in this case clear signalling for disabled individuals I think out weighs the need for a corporate look
Thanks for reading this
Best Wishes
Big Kate