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New Contributor

Re: No Yubikey BIO support

Hi, I've been a long time LastPass user and advocate.  I want to start using my Yubikey bio as my primary login to LastPass.  When I travel I often have my PC and my YubiKey is the same backpack which makes it kind of pointless if just anyone can plug it in, the bio is more secure.  


Please add support for this device like so many others have been asking for over a year now.  

New Contributor

Re: Yubikey Bio Support?

It has been over a year since the last message about Yubikey bio support. Even if the roadmap is further out, there is no excuse for not providing some useful response with a schedule here.

At this time, every other major password manager supports Yubikey bio so logmein is giving us a terrifying signal that it is having serious issues with software development. Given that security is all about keep up or get eaten, this is a danger sign to me that maybe I should find a different solution for my own protection.