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get rid of exremely annoying red boxes

How do I get rid of these new red boxes, which fill these fields on a specific site and make it a real pain to complete digits

Screenshot 2022-11-25 211135.jpg

These red boxes are supper annoying on some sites



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Re: get rid of exremely annoying red boxes

YES !! Actually, I think this might be related to an issue that I just posted on here as well. Check it out if you want, but just recently, the lastpass infield icon is appearing all over the place, like in address fields. And when I start typing my address in that field, lastpass throws up a selection list of options to click on to "auto complete the field forms" and even make things worse, the first selections in that list are for credit cards ! On a web page for shipping information ? Makes no sense, and besides, that drop down list of selections is really annoying! Sounds like this "in field" icon is being thrown in every now. Hope it gets resolved.



ALSO .... lol, Sorry, but I have to just get this off my chest, and this seems as good a place as any...

2nd thing I find it very strange that a company offers a free version of their product, but then does not allow those users to contact customer support with questions/issues. I would think the reason you offer a "free" version of your application is to draw in more customers to liking your product and then buying/subscribing and become a paying customer. If LastPass thinks that by excluding these users from asking questions or to help report bugs/issues is a good way to "nudge" free users to a premium paid user .. Well, I can say for sure speaking for myself, using a tactic like that is a very poor decision and this will not only NOT get me as a paying customer, it will make me consider dropping the use of their product all together and move on to a different product.

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Re: get rid of exremely annoying red boxes

yes I agree, LastPass is now way overcomplicating things.

It used to work unobtrusively in the background, with 3 small red dots in fields.

Now every field you come upon has red boxes in them, and it's just not suitable for lots of sites and can make entering details a real pain. There is one site I can barely get into at all now because LastPass smothers all the fields.

Please go back to the unobtrusive, simple approach!

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Re: get rid of exremely annoying red boxes

I have to agree. It is SO irritating! They pop up in the wrong places and you can't get around them.