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"Your account has been temporarily suspended"

As the master password is something I don't frequently use, I do sometimes need to try my combinations, repetitively. Sadly, when LastPass decides my computer is not a verified device, it doesn't say whether if I'm entering my master password wrong, or that if I answered it right but have to also verify my device first to enter.


It turns out I did enter my master password a bunch of times, thinking I didn't, and got locked off of my account for too-many-incorrect attempts. I don't have all day here and I just need to use your service. How long does this "temporary suspension" even take?


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Re: "Your account has been temporarily suspended"

I'm sorry to hear about the login trouble, @MissPhase 


Based upon your LastPass events history, I can see that you have entered the correct password a few times, where we did send an IP verification email.  The new IP address has been added to the safe list, and it looks like you also updated the account password. If you have any trouble entering the new password, you may still revert to the previous one through this address: 



Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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