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suggestion for importing from another application

Not sure if this is in the right forum, but I was trying to import my fault from 1password and about half of my passwords didn't import correctly. Instead they each imported with only one field of scrambled numbers and text. I noticed when looking at the .csv in Excel that the ones that did not transfer correctly were blank in the URL column. Most of these logins were for apps with no URL. After I entered fake URLs into the spreadsheet they all imported correctly.

I'm sure most people are using lastpass to track their non-website passwords as well, my suggestion is to remove the requirement for a URL field so that all logins can be imported correctly.

Sorry if there is another way to do this, it's my first day using lastpass.

Also, it would have been good if the import page mentioned that the .csv should be copied from a word processor rather than a spreadsheet which would be the default program for most people. I had to look around to figure it out.