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Applying updates on windows 10



When I try to apply monthly updates to all of my windows 10 machines I keep getting "fail" and this is accross the board.  Doesn't matter what browser i'm using as I am seeing the same for chrome, firefox, and edge.   I can clearly see there are updates needing installed.  I can login to all pcs fine but I would like to be able to do this more efficiently if possible..  I have a case open on this with LMI but they haven't shed any light yet and i'm hoping someone could help me out.  


Much appreciated!!  



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Applying updates on windows 10

@7778  Sorry for the delays.


I have found your case, however it is unfortunately a holiday week around the Americas so there has been some extended delays in reviewing the log details.  If this is a stopping point for your business, I would suggest calling directly into support at your earliest convenience when you have one of the affected PCs available to troubleshoot directly.  I don't think this case was fully fleshed out during the initial point of contact due to the support session ending early.

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Re: Applying updates on windows 10

Oh no its not a stopping point, I just wanted to dig in and see what can't be done to get things working correctly.  My apologies if I came off the wrong way.  

So, What exactly is the requirments on the PC for the "apply updates" button to work right?  Could this be firewall related?  Could this be because we are on a domain?  Just trying to think outside the box here..




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Re: Applying updates on windows 10

Hi buddy, can you try clearing the cache of the browsers before proceeding further? That might solve the issue.

Xelu . .