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Linux or wine compatible version of logmein ignition / client

Is there any chance of getting a version of logmein client that works in Linux?  Either a native program or one that works with wine.


When running LMIIgnition.exe with wine it starts up OK but refuses to do anything because it can't detect that I am connected to the internet.  It has been like this for a long time, but that step seems like something that should be easy to fix - I know that doesn't mean the rest of the program would work but it would at least move things forward.


A native linux client would be nicer.  Ignition seems to use ffmpeg for the video stuff so at least we know that is compatible.


I recently found out that some time in the last couple of years a web based java version was made available which works with Linux.  That is nice as a backup, but having to click through 3 security warnings every connection and having no keyboard shortcuts working makes it a bit hard to use.


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