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New Contributor

Logmein not saving logon information

When I open up the LMI Client, it asks for my password & then gives me the option to tick the box to say I trust this machine. It then proceeds to request an SMS code, which is fine as I set this up in case I lose my laptop or someone tries to hack my access - I do have access to some secure sites - this is all fine.


Problem is when I log on the next time on the smae machine I get the message "Saved Password Invalid, enter password Manually" and I have to do the whole rigmarole again, including SMS. This can be a pain when I'm somewhere with WiFi but no phone signal - i.e. most of my sites. I've tried running as Administrator but no difference.


Any reason the system does not retain the trusted device status & remember the password, saving me waiting for an SMS every time? Running Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit.


Thank you

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Logmein not saving logon information

Hi Rob,

I would suspect that the locations you are accessing from may be rotating IPs or resetting your connection there, causing LMI to see it as a new device again? 

New Contributor

Re: Logmein not saving logon information

No, the problem is on my fixed IP address PC at home, it is the LMI app that isn't saving the password for some reason & everytime I reboot my PC I get the incorrect password error on startup, I then have to log in with the password & then wait for the SMS to come through to verify as well.

Same thing happens on my laptop.