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New Contributor

desktop background swaps with remote pc

yesterday my desktop background on my personal computer came up on the remote pc i was working.  suddenly the remote pc has a picture of my grandkids.

today MY desktop background changed to the computer i was working on remotely .

any body have any ideas?   this has never happened before to me and i have been using logmein for several years.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: desktop background swaps with remote pc

Hi Diane,

I think that's pretty strange too. 

Just in case, have you cleared out your own personal clipboard and rebooted your PC?


New Contributor

Re: desktop background swaps with remote pc

i don't know how the desktop picture would get in my clipboard but i will clear the clipboard and reboot.

just very unsettling.   when it happened once, i though i just hit a weird combination of strokes but twice........i don't think so.