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Adding a mobile client clarification

Trying to follow instruction on the How to Add a Hamachi Mobile Client help page but not able to figure everything out.

I have an existing mesh network between 2 computers, everything works fine. 

I want to add an Android phone.  Following the instructions, I choose Send Other.  Instructions refer to

"THE configuration file" but 3 files are sent.  Also, further down the instructions say

"Once the recipient opens and installs the emailed configuration..."  How is this done?  Which file?  All files?  How?

 In the mobile app, I log in to my account, but don't see anything about configuring the app.  I'm expecting to see a way to Join an existing Network.

The Profile page only shows an "ADD COMPUTER" button.  There's a "SHOW ME HOW" button but that info is very minimal.

Really, this is very frustrating, there are no DETAILED COMPLETE instructions for how to do this, or they are not easy to find.  Would greatly appreciate help from anyone, thanks.


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Re: Adding a mobile client clarification

I don't have Android so I don't know all the specific steps. But I can help you a lot. I will split the steps between S8-x and L-x. S8 means on your Android Galaxy S8 device. I know least there. L-x are steps to do on the web page. You will be going from S8, back to and then back to S8. Lather, rinse, repeat as they say.


On your Android, Galaxy S8 device you need to do two things first:

S8-1) you need to set up a mail client. You might have already done. that. If not, get help on that. I'm guessing it's not too hard. Let's say you can receive mail now *on you Galaxy S8* at this account name:

S8-2) You need to find out what your device is called. What it's "client name" is.  It's somewhere in settings. I don't have Android device and can't help much. The manufacturer will have named is something very un-intuitive based on serial numbers. I would recommend ArtieNewS8 ArtieS8-2020-10-05 and things like that.


Next steps are done on the LogMeIn web page: It is a lot easier if you have a desktop computer but it should be possible using your S8 using the Chrome App.

L-0) Sign in. Obvious, but I'm being thorough.

L-1) Set up your LogMeinHamachi account. You probably already did this. But if not click in left panel on "Networks" (Networks is the Hamachi area. That's very not obvious, I agree.) Then click on [Add Network.] Follow your knows. It's pretty straight forward. I can add more here if you still need help. But for these instructions, I will assume you have gotten L-0 and L-1 done.

L-2)Get your NW ID. This ... I think the most obscure part of all of it. Click on Networks. You will see a gray colored bar with info about your network. All the way on the right click "edit". The next page has your NW ID. It is a 9 digit number with hyphens: 123-456-789. Copy that.

L-3) First of all [Add Computer] is not the right button. I agree, that is kind of un-clear. But ... moving on. You need [Add Client] in the Networks part. So click [Add Client]. Then choose the third button () Add Mobile Client. Then [Continue]

L-4) Type in the client name. That's the name you gave your phone in step S8-2). (I actually think this does not matter but it will be a lot easier for you to match the client name here with the actual name of your S8.) There is a box button for your network. You can have more than one LogMeIn Hamachi NW. But you probably only see one box. Check it by clicking. The click [Create]

L-5) Here we go! Enter your email address. In the example I'm using Obviously a valid email address for you. The one you set up in step S8-1.  It may be the same as the email you login to LogMeIn page and that is likely filled in and gray. I recommend you check the box "include password in config file". If you don't you will have to type in your LogMeIn Hamachi NW password every time.  Important: DO NOT click [Send Other] (yet).

L-6) Scroll down and enter you NW ID such as 123-456-789 in the field below "Join Network". My setup has a gray - dots password already there. I did not change.

L-7) Make intelligent choices. I think you should use "IPSec" not "PPTP" but you can try either one and come back and change (edit) the client. The rest of the way down. I have checked "Send all traffic over VPN" and later re-did  my clients without that. If you use "Send all over VPN"  then you'll only have access to your LogMeIn Hamachi NW when you use the VPN. I have no other specific advice. 

L-8) Click [Save]. Then go back up and click [Send Other]

You are done on the LogMeIn Page. But you can go back and select your new client device and "edit" it and change any of these settings, save again and send again.


Back to your Galaxy S8. Things will get fuzzy now since I don't have an Android device. But I imagine you will figure it out.

S8-3) Open your mail that you just sent your self. You should see an attachment with <Name>-234-567-890 This is the "Client ID" not the "NW ID" from above. Don't worry too much about the specifics. You have to download that file to your S8. (On iOS you just tap and it downloads.) Note: this now clears up one of your questions above: You asked: "Which file? All files? How?" Answer: the download is really several files. 3, maybe more. Just Download and all of them will be saved. Don't be concerned with the details.

S8-4) Now you have to find where to set up VPN on S8. It's going to be in settings and probably Network but possibly General. There are 2 (TWO) more steps to add your VPN.

S8-5) Install the profile. Since you downloaded it, you should see a profile somewhere and you click and do the install steps. You will go thru 2 - 3 screens of "do you want to do this" questions to install it.

S8-6) Now go to VPN and it should be there. You then "connect" to that VPN profile.


Et. Voila! 


You can disconnect in your S8 VPN area and reconnect whenever you want. You don't have to reload/reinstall the profile, that stays on your S8.  You can go back to your LogMeIn Page and find your new client and "edit" it and change any of the settings. Then Save, then Send Other and then you have to again receive the new mail and repeat steps S8-3 thru S8-6.


I hope this helps. Willing to help more. I can look up Android details and probably figure out more. But that's the outline. (Yeah, I think it is very hard. Took my about 8 tries on Apple devices. The biggest tripping point for me was that NW ID part.)


Good luck. Be safe.


Karl Hudnut

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Re: Adding a mobile client clarification

Karl, thanks so much for the detailed response.  I'll get a chance to play with this again later this week and report my progress.  We'll eventually need to setup 4 phones and there will be a mix of Android and iPhones.


There will be one Windows computer on this network.  The phones don't really need to share files with the computer or be able to control the desktop.  Instead, they need to access an Apache web server running on the computer with a browser on their phones and submit forms which updates MySQL databases.  I was told a Hamachi network would be a simple secure way to do this, but I may be in a little over my head.

I will probably need to do port forwarding on our router but I'm fairly comfortable with that.

Thanks again.

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Re: Adding a mobile client clarification

Hi ArtieJ

> We'll eventually need to setup 4 phones and there will be a mix of Android and iPhones.

You will have to create an email account for your self on each device to receive the email in order to download the profiles. I don't know any other way. When I think about it, a type of feature that I never considered. I would be creating my own account, getting it set up, deleting my account on every device. I don't know any other way right now. Would be nice to have a "pickup" method where you could point a device to a known and secure ftp server. I can imagine a way to do that with a 3rd party iOS App. But it's untested.


Anyway, It sounds like you are at least on your way. Good luck.



Karl Hudnut


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Re: Adding a mobile client clarification

I'm back on this project.

I got all the way to your step S8-5. 

There are 3 files downloaded on my phone, one is extension .pfx which I assume is the profile.  There are 2 other files with extension .crt which are certificates.  On the phone (actually Samsung S7), in Settings > Connections > More connection settings > VPN > Advanced IPsec VPN   there is "VPN Client".

In the three dot menu upper right I selected "Import certificates" and selected one of the .crt files.  I left a password field blank and selected IMPORT and it said the import was successful.  Then I imported the other .crt file and it imported successfully also.

I then selected the .pfx to, I assume, import the profile.  It also wanted a password.  Didn't know what password it wanted, I just selected CANCEL.  It gave an error message.  When I selected OK, I went back to my download manager  list and the .pfx was no longer on the list.  And it won't re-download from the email.

I'll continue beating my head against this for a while, if you happen to read this and have any ideas, let me know.


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Re: Adding a mobile client clarification



I think you will have to remove and restart. I don't know how to remove the profile and the certs on S7. It was pretty obvious on iPhone. Assuming you can do that. I think you just need to be careful with the password part.


Remove the client on the logmein web interface. Networks:My Networks. Find the client. On the far right click edit. Next page click delete. If I recall you get another page or a dialogue to confirm remove.


Back to Networks:My Network: add client. Choose mobile client. Name you client and select your network. Click Create. Now, watch for your passwords. I think the password is the password to join your network. But I chose the box "Include Password in Config File" and my iPhone did not ask for one. I created a screen shot and attached. Maybe you can edit the password once you enter the NW ID.


If this does not fix it, I'm afraid I am at a loss. Maybe I can borrow a friend's S8 or S7 and fiddle.


Here is my screen shot.




"Never give up, never surrender."


Karl Hudnut