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Browsing Files on Win 10 computer from a Win 7 computer - not working!



I am trying browse the files of another computer which is part of the same Hamachi network but only getting so far in the typical process.


The files I am trying to browse are on a Windows 10 computer whilst mine is Windows 7.


Both computers have the latest versions of Hamachi running and appear to have all the right settings enabled in firewalls etc. Both also have the latest updates for Windows installed.


When I right click the Browse option on the computer which is Windows 10 from my Windows 7 Hamachi, my cursor spins around for a few seconds them disappears, no error messages or other windows appear. Then within a minute or so, my own my documents folder opens.


I have tried the reverse (on the Windows 10 computer to mine) and the same thing happens.


Doing the same on other computers part of the same network brings up the network user name and password boxes which is what I would expect to see but this does not happen for the above.


I have checked Firewall settings, computer settings, uninstalled and reinstalled Hamachi but with no joy. As mentioned, I have looked at the comments on other posts etc., tired all their advice but still stuck.


McAfee LiveSafe is the firewall running btw.


Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.



New Contributor

Re: Browsing Files on Win 10 computer from a Win 7 computer - not working!

Facing the same problem but in my case, both computers are on windows 10 😞