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Can ping, but cannot see my shares on Hamachi Windows client version

Recently my friend and I updated our Hamachi client from to  I am running Windows 10 v1803, my friend is still at Windows 10 v1709.  After the upgrade, we both can see each other's shares like usual.  However, after a reboot, we can't see each other's shares.  We can ping each other successfully.  It is as if there is a problem with name resolution.


So I then re-installed Hamachi (the same 607 version), and after the install, my friend can see my shares again.  But after I rebooted, the problem came back and he cannot see my shares.  So the Hamachi install process does something to the network stack to fix the problem, but it only is good until the next reboot.


Finally, I restored my system to before the Hamachi upgrade, which has Hamachi v2.2.0.579, and the problem goes away.  My friend can see my shares even after a reboot.  So the problem is definitely with v2.2.0.607.


I don't see any posts from others here having the same problem, so that is why I'm posting in case others have the same problem or to see if LogMeIn has any ideas to fix the problem.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can ping, but cannot see my shares on Hamachi Windows client version

Thanks for this information, @MRothaus .


I checked the database for known issues relating to shares, but we don't have any other reports.  I will certainly let the developers know of your experience, and we'll leave this thread open if it happens to any other users.