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New Contributor

Can't share folders with new users

Hello, I'm getting crazy with a problem with my hamachi network. I bought a 32 client pack to share some folders from my server to others cliente, everything works fine with the first 12 clients, I can ping them and share folders, they can edit file, save it and move it. After few weeks I need to add a new pc, and here starts problems. I can perfectly add the new client, I can ping it, and also open a new chat windows, but if I try to open the shared folder, it got me on the documents local folder, even if I create a new shortcut with the hamachi server ip it doesn't work! Also already tried to disable client and host firewall...nothing.

Please help me to solve!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can't share folders with new users

Hello @assistenzamari ,

Sorry for the confusion there.  Does that new client have the same dns name as the location of the shared folder?


New Contributor

Re: Can't share folders with new users

How can i check?