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New Contributor

Cannot reach guest on Xubuntu VirtualBox VM

Hi guys,


So, I have a Windows VM setup on VirtualBox, within a Xubuntu server.


This Windows VM will act as a domestic proxy for us, and we will interconnect the devices via Hamachi.


Now, Hamachi client is installed on the VM, and I can ping/reach other hosts within my assigned network, but other hosts on my network cannot ping/reach my VM.

My VM connection is set to bridged and with promiscuous mode enabled to allow all. I can also ping the bridged connection local address (when on the same network), but still cannot ping the Hamachi adapter/address. Windows Firewall is disabled, of course, and Xubuntu firewall is disabled also (as evidenced by being able to ping the local adapter address).


I thank in advance anyone who takes the time to read through this thread and provide an answer. Please let me know if any more information is needed.