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CentOS Hamachi Login not working / Relay mode

Did a fresh Hamachi setup on CentOS this morning according to the manual. However, the step "hamachi login" always results in a failure ("Logging in ..... failed").


I checked the following things:

- Connection from another computer in the same local network using the windows client. Works (in relay mode!). These two machines should go through exactly the same firewalls.

- Disabled Linux local firewalls (iptables, firewalld).

- Checked the h2-engine.log file. This contains some suspicious info:

12.08 11:09:00.213 ses: resolving ..
12.08 11:09:00.232 ses: selected (, 6552)
12.08 11:09:00.233 ses: selected 01 connection type
12.08 11:09:00.258 ses: resolving ..
12.08 11:09:00.309 ses: connecting to ..
12.08 11:11:07.594 ses: connection is established
12.08 11:11:07.634 ses: control connection is bound to

=> So the connection takes 2 minutes to establish? And then ...

12.08 11:11:07.634 ses: << msg_helo ..
12.08 11:11:07.658 ses: io error, send, 110
12.08 11:11:07.658 ses: error 3, retryable yes
12.08 11:11:07.683 ses: go_offline, keep_tunnels 0, login_on_relaunch 0, actual state 1 ..
12.08 11:11:07.708 ipc: 01cea800 del client

=> io error just after the connection has been established?

I assume a gateway/firewall problem (os specific?) Since I did not find any documentation on the h2-engine.cfg config file at all, is there a way to force the client into a relay mode (outbound udp connection instead of some inbound connection) directly? Inbound connections here are generally not so easy. And also firewall reconfiguration is not the preferred way.


Any ideas?

New Contributor

Re: CentOS Hamachi Login not working / Relay mode