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Completely hide HAMACHI icon from tray

Hep, please! How to COMPLETELY hide hamachi tray icon from tray???

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Re: Completely hide HAMACHI icon from tray

No f..g way! Support is a joke: they pretend they don't understand the issue which is quite obvious to all system admins. We want to prevent people from messing around the interface but this is simply not possible: anybody will be able to shut down the program without bothering to open the Services snap-in.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Completely hide HAMACHI icon from tray

Dmmfinger: you can hide something from the system tray by following this guide (note this will not hide it if a user presses the arrow to show more icons in the system tray).

staceppa: Thank you for the feedback what I can do is make a feature request to add a GUI password option with Hamachi so users cannot disable it.
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