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New Contributor

Computer not accessible anymore using Hamachi

Dear All,


I am testing Hamachi free version and I am facing a strange problem.

I installed Hamachi in 2 Windows 10 computers and I created a network. I attached both computers to the network. One computer is in my work place and the other one is at home. Lets call them Work_Computer and Home_Computer.

I want to connect using RDP from Home_Computer to Work_Computer.

The issues is that the Work_Computer appear as "not connected " in the Hamachi application so I can not connect to it.

I have a second solution to remote connect from Home_Computer to Work_Computer and it works.

If I am connected with this second solution to Work_Computer, the Hamachi software shows Work_Computer as "connected" and I can connect to it using RDP. This causes the second solution to disconnect but the Hamachi connection works.

In this situation, If I disconnect the RDP connection, the Hamachi software shows again Work_Computer as "disconnected" and I can not connect to it anymore.

I can repeat this procedure as many times I want and always work the same: connect using RDP with the second solution --> connect using RDP with Hamachi (the second solution disconnects) --> Hamachi Software says "connected " and the RPD connection works --> disconnect RDP --> Hamachi software says "disconnected" --> I can not connect anymore using Hamachi....


Is there any solution for such a estrange behaviour?


Best regards






New Contributor

Re: Computer not accessible anymore using Hamachi

More hints


If I am loged in  front of Work_Computer (with the attached keyboard), I can connec from  Home_Computer using Hamachi but, if I close the session, I can not connect any more.

New Contributor

Re: Computer not accessible anymore using Hamachi

 I proposed a work around in this thread


I hope it helps