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New Contributor

Connection problem

Good morning, I apologize in advance for my English.

I have a problem with Hamachi that I can not solve. I have a computer in the office to which I connect remotely for work. I installed Hamachi on this computer and on my home computer, everything works properly I can connect. This computer turns off at midnight and switches off automatically at 8am. I normally connect without problems but after two three days something is not working and I can not connect.
The problem is that Hamachi tells me that the computer turns on and works (green light and no diagnostic problem). If I do the ping, however, does not reach it.

I can not solve this problem, I do not understand why the traffic light is green diagnosis is ok but it does not ping and so I can not connect remotely.

To do so I have to go to the office logging in with my user and it works. Specifically I have paid Hamachi so it also works on the LOGON screen only that sometimes does not seem to work at times.