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New Contributor

Diagnostic Tools > Hamachi crash

Hello Smiley Happy


When i run Hamachi and try Help>Diagnostic Tools, it automatically leaves Hamachi and i have to restart it.

I tried to completely uninstall and reinstall  it but it doesn't change anything. I tried to search on google but there is no one asking for this problem.


Can someone help me ?


Thanks you Smiley Happy

New Contributor

Re: Diagnostic Tools > Hamachi crash

I also have this problem. Seems to be linked to this entry from the debug log

[11856] ipc: malformed message, type 50

This happens both on Help > Self Diagnostics and Client> Diagnose

System info:
OS: Windows 10 home

Version: 1803

OS Build: 17134.407

Windows defender/AV/Firewall: Off