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Gateway / Pi Setup

I'm trying to ping a device on a PC's NIC (Ethernet) with a static IP of say (This IP is fixed, it cannot be configured or changed unfortunately) that is connected to an Hamachi VPN (Mesh network is all I can get to work, but I believe I need the gateway network type in order to access the device, more on that later).

I want to ping that device, from another PC also connected to the VPN. Please see the image below:

I effectively want to Bridge the VPN connection to the local Ethernet port. So The raspberry pi's eth0 and ham0 needs to be "linked" somehow.

I've also enabled the routing service on both PCs, to no avail.


I am unable, in general, to set up a gateway network and allow PCs to connect. I can set ip up in the web interface, and join all the PCs, but they all get stuck in this Activating, Reconnecting, disconnecting, etc. loop. Running the diagnosis tells me that there all traffic is blocked. I have completely disabled all forms of firewalls on the 2 PC's to no avail. either.

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Re: Gateway / Pi Setup

@umcnet I can confirm that you need the gateway model, but I cant help you on a raspberry, bc I havent reach that far. I m still hanging on the "illegal instruction" problem.


I bet you could possibly solve the problem if you emulate windows on your pi and try the windows hamachi server

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Re: Gateway / Pi Setup

command: sudo hamachi

shows you the status of hamachi