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New Contributor

Hamachi - Internet/Server Connectivity (Windows 2012 Server)

Hi LogMeIn Community,


We recently attempted to install Hamachi and set up a hub-and-spoke network with our Server (A windows 2012 server which we have in the office) and four laptops used by our employees when off-site. The connection worked and we had server access temporarily but the system went down half an hour later. We no longer had internet access nor server access even on desktops within the office (Desktops are running a variety of Windows 7 or 8).


When I inspected the server, I saw Hamachi and NIC (our usual connection) active, and by disabling Hamachi, internet and server access was restored. I am wanting to use Hamachi but prevent this outage from occurring again. I saw some posts about setting the IPv4 metric rate to 9000, which I attempted to do on the server but the setting did not seem to save and reverted to automatic when I exited out of the window. If I could get some assistance in getting Hamachi working, i'd greatly appreciate it!


Thank you,