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Hamachi Ping would still return "Request Timed Out"

Before you post anything, here's some background information:


  1. I have already set up my firewall to directly allow Hamachi's "hamachi-2-ui.exe" to pass through both ways (Inbound and Outbound)
  2. I have reinstalled several times (each returning an error of a missing file, but none the less got it back to work)
  3. I have done every single firewall trick I could find, looked at every video I could and still get a "Request Timed Out"

Now that the Background info is done, lets continue

I have been using hamachi for a while now, and before it was working perfectly fine with no hickups what-so-ever. That all changed when I updated to the newest version of windows. I've had some trouble in the past over "Request Timed Out" popping up whenever I pinged someone and generally followed along with what people were trying. This time, however I did follow everyone's advice...and still consistently having a problemI've checked my Ip, normal. Checked my Hamachi IP, normal. Checked a Friends IP, "Request Timed Out." and it isn't solely on my side either, He also gets a "Request Timed Out" error on his end. We've checked our Diagnostics hoping to find something that could give us a clue...All Normal. Im now at my wits end with Hamachi and I do not want to just leave if there's a solution out there. Does ANYONE know of any possible way to allow both of us to ping eachother, so that we can use Hamachi together? It's getting annoying, by now, that we still cannot do anything together since my computer downright REFUSES to allow a ping back and forth, even though the firewall allows it to run.

Quick Side note:
I have tried to use hamachi by completely turning off my firewall hoping that was the answer but it still gave me the error. IT ISN'T THE FIREWALL THATS THE ISSUE. There is something else that is at play here but I don't know what.