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Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

This problem has happened for a long while. I had the Tunneling Problem with VPN Error before, then I installed it again - and this thing happened again. I tried playing SC, WC3, and KCVDS and no games showed up.


The circles are green are blue, and I can chat with them. And the right side, there is this yellow triangle and when I mouse over it, it says: 'Tunnel Problem. There is a problem with a peer connection. Click here for details.' I click on it, and the VPN Status says: '[yellow triangle] error'


Details of the error:


Details of the VPN configuration error(s) are available on the settings page'


In settings, the status says: [yellow traingle] network adapter error.

The details are the same as above.



I have tried compability mode, administrator mode, firewall exceptions.




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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

I am noticing a lot of people have this problem, and so have I. I fixed it by (on windows 8)

1: Press START + R

2: type services.msc and hit run

3: Look for LogMeIn Hamachi tunneling engine

4: Stop the service and restart it

5: It should now work Smiley Happy

Well, it worked for me

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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

Hi all,



Solution One:


Generally when one receives a yellow tunneling error in Hamachi, this would indicate a problem with the Hamachi network adapter. Usually we would recommend un-installing Hamachi and re-installing Hamachi which should resolve the issue.



Solution Two:


Alternatively, you may try re-installing the Hamachi adapter themselves. Simply open your device manager and uninstall the Hamachi Network Adapter. Afterwards, in the device manager select "Add Legacy Hardware". Select "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)". Select Network Adapter and then select"Have Disk". Browse to where Hamachi is installed and select the Hamachi drv listed there. After installing the Adapter, please be sure to go back to the adapter page and rename the adapter to "Hamachi" or you will continue to run into connectivity problems.



Solution 3 (Gateway Network): If you are utilizing a gateway network, it is possible that the bridge is broken between the Hamachi and local adapter. One may need to break the bridge connectivity and create a new one in order to resolve this issue.


If you are a paid customer, you may also contact our support line for further assistance at 866-478-1805.


Ian is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.
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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

For Windows 10 helped!

For all who has no hamachi virtual ethernet adapter in network connections:

1) I've deleted hamachi 

2) then begin installing again

3) then it reaches virtual network driver installation (its hanging on some minutes) I updated driver he installed:

3.a) right click on "logmein hamachi virtual ethernet adapter" in "device manager" and click "update driver software"

3.b) then choose "browse my computer for driver software", browse "C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi" or whatever your hamachi directory is

3.c) click next. I believe you should do whole 3) step as quickly as possible so installation process would not finish network driver installation.

4) then you did it. you will see your hamachi connection in "network connections". Installation will be procceed - it will rename network adapter you installed to "hamachi" and then will enable it.


So this solved two problems for me: not showing hamachi connection and tunneling problem

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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

Same here, would be great for some support.

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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

Keep bumpin` this thread.

I tried to download and install the earlier versions (1), but all 3 (that I tried) failed to install. Even with Admin, and Compability they all failed.

I tried reinstalling into different folders and joining many different networks.

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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

I have the same problem. =/ Noone knows how to fix this? 

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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

if noone knows how to fix this than can somone learn more about this?


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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

I also have this problem. My friend is fine, but he says my VPN says error with the exclamation mark.


Would be great if there was some support on this.

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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

how do i fix it ???????????????????

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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

I've had LogMeIn for a long time now and have been generally happy with it.  BUT- Hamachi quit working for me about a year ago (with this same error) and I have not been able to find a fix at all.  I've tried all the solutions I've come across and no joy.


I once even allowed a LogMeIn Tech to access my computer to try and fix it.  After that, I had to restore the computer to an earlier state because he totally botched it up.  Took two weeks to get it right again.  All he did was say "it's [my] problem".


As it stands right now....between this problem and the fact that I can't use LogMeIn from my WP7 Phone, I think LogMeIn is going to go "Bye-Bye" for me.  

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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

I think we must close the adapter/network thing... for 2 or 3 mins. Smiley Wink

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Re: Hamachi: Tunneling Problem - VPN Error

How do you do that?