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Hamachi VPN slows down LAN connection

Hamachi VPN installaed on two servers. If trying copy data from one server to another using local LAN IP address and Windows network share, seems that VPN adapters are involved in copying process and this slows down information transfer from 1Gbps to 100Mbps…

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Re: Hamachi VPN slows down LAN connection

I have the same problem.

I try to setting Automatic metric from auto to 9000 over Shell on all of my computers but without  success. Tutorial here: 


And I tryed to setting timestamp like here:


without success too.


Any Idea?

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Re: Hamachi VPN slows down LAN connection

@DainisLV @Kotala  It's not ideal - but I mutually block all traffic between peers that I know are on the same LAN. This forces the traffic to use the physical LAN connection instead of the Hamachi VPN connection. It means the peers on the same LAN always appear as "red" to each other, but it gets around the slow traffic between machines.