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Hamachi Windows CLI - request to join failure

Hello All,

 I've looked through the community posts, but it seems extremely sparse on topics concerrning Windows CLI.


I've successfully installed hamachi, and the desktop client is up and running but not connected to anything.  Its currently displays the two buttons: "Create a new network" or "Join an existing network".


I would like to join an existing network via the command line.

the command im using is the following:


hamachi-2.exe --cli attach xxx-xxx-xxx   (x's are replaced by network ID)


i receive the following message: 

Sending attach request to xxx-xxx-xxx without networks .. failed, [248]


I cant seem to find any documents relating to that error code. Also it goes without saying that the request never shows up in the "requests tab" for the network.


I hope this is enough information to at least get me pointed in the right direction.  It would really be helpful for documentation on all the CLI commands and a better description as to what they do than what you get with --cli help


*fingers crossed*




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Re: Hamachi Windows CLI - request to join failure

ahh... not the netork id but my account (email)....

I think i got this figured out.

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Re: Hamachi Windows CLI - request to join failure

So, Im still trying to figure this out.  The client says that its pending... so it successfully sent a request, but not to the network that I was looking to join.  There is no pending request.


So, I guess let me make this simple... what is the CLI command to join a network?