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New Contributor

Hamachi does't work with cyberghost


When I activate cyberghost to hide my IP on my PC, hamachi doesn't work. I have a general error when I ping.

If I desactivate Cyberghost, it's work.


How can I use Cyberghost and hide my IP with Hamachi


Thanks for your help

Active Contributor

Re: Hamachi does't work with cyberghost

Did you ever figure out how to get Hamachi to work along with Cyberghost?  I know they are both VPN technologies but if they could be configured in some way to not conflict with each other (e.g. of Cyberghost could be made to ignore the Hamachi 25.x.x.x range, or if Hamachi could tunnel _through_ Cyberghost, that would be ideal.

Let me know if you come up with anything!  Thanks.