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New Contributor

Hamachi gateway network problem

Dear all,


We are company that using Hamachi for VPN soluiton. Curentlly we're using Gateway network and Hub & SPoke. Second network is working fine, but other Gateway has periodically issues with network adapters. Sometimes it is disabled with yellow triangles, sometime netwokr is disabled in Netwokr and sharing center without any option to be enabled. There is no option to stop Hamachi service when this issue apper, also PC cannot be restarted ot shut down. Only hard reset is working, Could you please let me know how we can fix this issue - it happens at least twice per day. Most affected PCs are with WIndows 10. We tried to remove AV soluiton - it is Kaspersky, disabled Windows Defender and firewall but, nothing working.


Please give me hand on this.


Kind regards