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New Contributor

Hamachi inbound traffic blocked on my friend's pc [AVG]

We tried going in windows firewall, and unchecking Hamachi from protected networks, tried setting firewall rules, tried reinstalling and tried port forwarding but were not sure if it was done properly.

He also tried disabling the AVG firewall but it didn't help.

This is the error message:

Tunnel: OK

Local results:
Adapter configuration: OK
Traffic test: OK
Peer results: [227-046-501]
Adapter configuration: OK
Traffic test: Inbound traffic blocked, check firewall settings


Is there anything I can do, for example, Tungle worked when I port forward.

And is port forwarding these ports enough:

TCP 12975 (initiator port) TCP 32976 (session port) UDP 17771 (relay connection port)


Thanks in advance for any help


EDIT: We are both using Windows 10