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Hamachi messed with my internet

I'm having problems.

Hamachi messed with my internet.

I turned on my pc and there was no internet. There was the ethernet icon with the x on the taskbar.

Tried system restore before hamachi was installed, fruitless.

Also, I noticed my wifi adapter was missing in the device manager.

I'm positive this is a hamachi problem since this isn't the first time it happens, i's been using hamachi prior too. But after countless amount of things i'd done to fix it and failed, the thing fixed itself, miraculously, don't even ask why i decided to use this hamachi thing again.


Here's a list of things i tried on both time this happened, all of which didn't worked:

+Unstalled hamachi.

+Reset Pc (a huge waste of time).

+Reinstall windows from media disc, several times (this worked, but after a few reboot the problem presisted, this is when i started to think sth's wrong with my pc, but no i'm not so sure.)

+Reinstall wifi driver from my brand's  support page (did work, but same as above, and after the first time installing, when i run the executable it just says " this software package cannot be installed on your system", even after pc reinstallation)

+tried route print, route deleted thingy.

+tried netsh int ip reset / netsh winsock reset.

+tried waiting for a miracle, but i don't belive in it.


Sorry for the altitude, just that i'm really tired of this thing.

Huge Thanks in advance (if anyone even reads all the wawy don here)