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New Contributor

Hamachi not in "Active Networks" in Control Panel

I'm 99% sure this is why I can't connect to hamachi. Now this happened already to me like 1 month ago. I don't remember how I fixed it but I was able to connect to hamachi like weeks ago (Hamachi appeared on the "active networks") and host a minecraft server and play with my friends, until I lost internet connection for a whole day. Probably a problem on the isp's side. When the connection returned, I opened hamachi it suddenly was back to what it was before I fixed it. IP, a gray icon on the icon of hamachi in the taskbar.


I have tried every fix here in forum but nothing works. I can't remember how I fixed it the first time. I'm just hoping here someone has this problem too and knows a fixburp.png.

*EDIT*: I just remembered! I used the /ipconfig /release then /ipconfig /renew. That fixed it, but after the internet connection incident it doesn't work anymore.


*EDIT2*: Isn't there supposed to be a thing like this while installing hamachi?


Well it doesn't show anything like this while I'm installing hamachi now. But back then (like 4 years ago when hamachi was still working perfectly) I remember it did that.

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