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Hamachi on Android. pfx certificate password problem

Installation of pfx certificate in Android asks for a password. Which password? I have no idea. Please, help.

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Re: Hamachi on Android. pfx certificate password problem

Same here.... which freaking password?!! There's the one under the Edit Client/Mobile tab which doesn't work and keeps changing. When you send the email with the attached certificates (in my case Other for Android) there's an option to send the password with the config file. What config file? It doesn't exist! No password there. I've been very careful in sending the certificates to ensure that the current password has not changed. No dice. WTF?!

There's also another password under Edit Network/Password tab which also does not work. Sigh...

I see that no one from Logmein has replied. There's also another post that asks the same question with no reply. There's also a Logmein FAQ page that gives the steps to configure and install the Hamachi certificates but all it says is "enter the password" What? Really? Again, what freaking password?

Logmein. Please answer the question and provides the steps to get this right.
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Re: Hamachi on Android. pfx certificate password problem


When you are prompted to enter a password to extract the certificate, enter the device configuration password (for example, abcd-a1b2-c1d2). Include any dashes, and remember these are case sensitive.


For a full guide please reference this support article: 

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