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Hamachi on raspberry pi 4G

Hi All,

I've been using hamachi on my roi for sometime and its great. Recently started using a 4g dongle with it and hamachi has been behaving weird. Its a hilink based dongle and hamachi connects fine and i can ssh it from a remote pc. However if i use anything with graphics, in ssh like raspi-config, nano etc, or even connect via vnc it just hangs. Vnc after i type my password in the screen just goes black, ssh becomes unresponsive.

obviously this normally isn't the case, and when i use a wifi dongle with hotspot on my phone everything works fine, its like the 4G dongle is blocking something or something is not getting through.

the internet works fine when i plug a monitor into the rpi etc, just ssh problems via hamachi.

New Contributor

Re: Hamachi on raspberry pi 4G

Have you ever found the solution to this problem?
I am running into the same thing.