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Hamachi randomly disconnects on Linux- no idea why or how.

I use Hamachi for gaming with my friends and other things.

About a week ago I updated to Debian Bullseye from Buster, and when I tried to use Hamachi after the update, I found that Hamachi would randomly disconnect, and when I asked it to reconnect, it asked for my root password for either  /etc/init.d/logmein-hamachi or  /usr/bin/systemctl.


I have tried

- removing and re-installing the Hamachi package

- purging all configs and re-installing the Hamachi package

- adding Hamachi as a systemd init process

- removing /var/lib/logmein-hamachi and reconfiguring

- installing the 32-bit Hamachi package rather than the 64-bit package

- adding "KeepAlive 10" to ~/.hamachi/config


It only started after I upgraded to Debian Bullseye.
I'm using Haguichi as a GUI frontend.

If anyone knows what is going please help me.

Thanks in advance


Active Contributor

Re: Hamachi randomly disconnects on Linux- no idea why or how.

This is a well known issue. Latest Hamachi version for Linux was build some years ago targeting Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Running this version on more modern Linux distro's causes the Hamachi daemon to crash. See this thread:


LogMeIn promised an updated release a year ago in this thread, but as of this day no such thing has yet appeared.