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Hamachi randomly disconnects on Ubuntu 20.04

I installed Hamachi and a GUI addon, Haguichi. However it constantly drops the connection and requires authentication to restart Hamachi. This didn't happen on Ubuntu 18.04, and Haguichi has nothing to do with it since it's just a GUI. I tried reinstalling Hamachi but this didn't work either. Please help

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dammit it ;-; i'm having the same issue
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Experiencing the same issue here.  One example of the crash from the log:

hamachid crashed with SIGSEGV in tcache_get()

Unfortunately due to the password requirement on relaunch the setup cannot be left unattended and interrupts any connections in progress.


Please advise when a client version is released that is compatible with 20.04 LTS.

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For anyone who is looking at this thread and in the same boat looking for a solution, I thought I would post my workaround here in case it helps anyone.  This is on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


First things first I had to stop using Haguichi because it was the reason that there was a password prompt every time that Hamachi crashed.  The Hamachi daemon would crash, Haguichi would attempt to restart it, but that would require a password to be entered before it could succeed.


Instead I got a utility called "Immortal" and set up the Hamachi daemon in one of its wrappers.  With this it now starts the hamachid process as root during startup as well as monitors the hamachid pid file and restarts the daemon automatically every time it crashes.  I tied this into a shell script so I could log every time it crashes, which as it turns out is a number of times per day.


While this is still not ideal, since every time it crashes and restarts it goes offline for a few seconds, at least it recovers on its own instead of remaining offline until a user manually intervenes.  Looking forward to an update from Logmein but at least we're up and running in some capacity currently.

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Any updates yet?
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Hello, do you know anything about this update?

How do I configure IMMORTAL?

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ok  I believe i had the same problem here's what I did.

I only used Haguichi to create the network and get all other computers joined up to the hamachi network.  once thats done, close and exit haguichi ( i think haguichi is the problem!!!)

open a terminal window and use command sudo hamachi login 

it should login to your network that you created wit haguichi and now as long as you keep that terminal window open it should stay open. 

Im the farthest thing from an expert but this is what i did and its working. i was getting disconnects every 6min, now its rock solid stable..... 

best of luck.

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I think i've found a solution for this:
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The solution doesn't work for me. It uninstall the package, does not solve the problem.



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I can confirm hat Haguichi 1.4.5 makes Hamachi instable, otherwise it is stable. I`m using Hamachi in the linux-subsystem of "Chrome OS Flex". Installing on "ChromeOS Flex" was easy. After downloading "logmein-hamachi_2.1.0.203-1_amd64.deb" it is only double clicking in the Chrome OS-file manager and Hamachi will be installed. I then used Haguichi for configuring. When the linux terminal is started for the first time, Hamachi will start running automatically. I`m using Remmina (Linux) for RDP, and starting Remmina alone will not start Hamachi. I first have to start the terminal.

When "Chrome OS" (ChromeOS) goes in standby, Hamachi looses connection, but does not recognize it after end of standby. Restarting the linux-subsystem works, but it is faster to logout, than login again:

sudo hamachi logout

sudo hamachi login