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Hamachi reconnects endlessly, please help.

Hey there.


About 3-4 days ago, Hamachi began to endlessly reconnect after I played a game of Torchlight 2 with a friend the day prior.


All I did was change my interface metric for it from 9000 to 1, and the next day it just stopped working. I've tried reinstalling, I've even tried a few roundabout fixes I found on here and that only made it work for a total of 20 minutes before the internet went out and hamachi did with it, only to never come back. I'm using Norton Anti-Virus and I have Hamachi in it's allowed programs list, but I'm not sure if that's all I need to do anymore given.. this.


Before the rest of the thread, if you want to see my diagnostic log, from the appdata local folder? Here it is; (sorry, it's really long)


ATM Hamachi looks like this;



I've tried the diagnostic tool for the sake of this thread, it had the result I expected. Everything I do strangely acts as if nothing is wrong with Hamachi, but in the same breath seems to stall; constantly.


I've even tried a different thread's test of pinging a hamachi url, all four requests time out...




What am I doing wrong? Is there anything I haven't done yet, or perhaps an obvious fix? I don't know why Hamachi has suddenly stopped working but considering I've reinstalled multiple times and my friends are fine it MUST be something I did.. but what? Please, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.