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Stephen Hopkins
New Contributor

Hamachi: service stopped

Windows 10 machine.   Hamachi Tunneling Engine.   This stops more than once daily.  


  • Verify Windows Management Instrumentation service
    • Running
    • Automatic
  • Review antivirus
    • No detections
    • No blocks of Hamachi
  • Develop Hamachi Restart cmd file
  • Verify LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine
    • Not running
    • Set to Automatic
    • Set to restart, then use HamachiRestart.bat
  • Setup Hamachi-2-ui.exe Security
    • Upgrade users to full
    • Add hamachi-2-ui.exe --cli login to restart file
  • Test batch file
    • Works if run as administrator
    • Does not work in task scheduler.   Resets tunneling but does not start hamachi
    • Tried in PowerShell task.  Does not work there.

Looking for a solution or I will go with plan B.  


Plan B - Cancel Hamachi.   Install VPN hardware devices.



Stephen Hopkins
New Contributor

Re: Hamachi: service stopped

I received and email from LogMeIn support to follow the instructions at


I followed the instructions.   All services were already set to automatic.  All services in the link were running except "LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine".   "LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine" still intermittently stops.   The link above is good information but of no help to this issue. 


Next idea?