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Hamachi stopped working OSX



I'm using hamachi regulary from phone, drone and macbook. It has worked out great!

Now a couple of days ago I could not connect using my macbook (Catalina, 10.15.6). I suspected something updated and that app somehow was broken, so I uninstalled and tried to invite my self to my network again.


When I download and install the installer says that the clien will be attached to my network and refers to my ID, but when the app is installed Client ID, Name and LogMeIn account are all empty and cannot be edited. The power button tries to connect to


I could possible be related to my subscription. Due to a mistake the yearly subscription was paied twice, and aterwords one of the the payments were cancelled. When I try to add a computer via the web, "computers -> add computer" it complaints about me not having a subscription, it says 14 day triel is over. But if I add a computer from "My networks - > Add client" it seems to work. However, the configuration does not end up in my app.


Please advise.




New Contributor

Re: Hamachi stopped working OSX

I got it working on my osx 10.15.6.

I made a test on a osx 10.14.6 where the hamachi app was blocked by security settings. I noticed due to a popup saying it was blocket.

The popup did not appear on 10.15.6, but it was blocked on system preferences. After allowing hamachi to connect it conneted and downloaded clientID etc.


There is still an agry message on the account web page saying my 14 day trial is overdue, I cant add computers via "computers -> add computer". But if added to the network it works.