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New Contributor

Hamchi gateway configuration

Hi everybody,

I have the following setup: 

 - raspberry pi with hamachi installed and configured as gateway

 - 4G dongle with usb interface using the following subnet

 - DHCP server - installed on the same machine with the following subnet

The Hamachi is starting well but I can only see the subnet when I'm connected from another machine using hamachi client. How can I add the ? I tried in command line something like: hamachi gw-config NETWORK-ID add, I receive OK but I still can't see any remote devices from 

Also the ifconfig commands shows me the following interfaces:

eth0 -

usb0  -

ham0 - some ipv4 address 

ham1 - ipv6 address

ham-br0 - a brdige between ham1 and usb0


Can I configure the hamachi to bridge the eth0 instead?  Why the bridge is between ham1 and usb0 instead of ham0 and usb0 even I try to set hamachi to use ipv4 (hamachi set-ip-address ipv4) ? I see you have a big lack of documentation about gateway configuration...